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Universal design: attractive solutions for all,

and easy to use in older age, too

  grauwert, consultancy for demographically inclusive products and services, advises companies about older target groups, accessibility, design for all respectively universal design.
We help our clients develop products and services that are especially easy to use for older people, and so attractive that younger consumers are equally convinced by their enduring value. Moving away from a deficit-based, special-needs approach, we focus on attractive and transgenerational solutions. To achieve this we actively involve older consumers in the development process, taking on board their wishes and needs.

Older target groups today are more heterogeneous and demanding, and also possess a higher spending power than ever before. They object to stigmatising standard solutions. In future business success will strongly depend on whether the wishes and needs of older consumers have been recognised and provided for.
grauwert supports companies in this challenge and helps adapt products and services to a changing market.

Here you can learn more about the current activities of grauwert.